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About Us

Today, “You gave me hope.”

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. You were there for me every step of the way while I was terrified out of my wits. Because to you, I have regained my self-confidence and become a more confident lady.”

We’re a legal aid organisation dedicated to helping women in a variety of ways.

Our essential services are designed to assist women in gaining a better understanding of the law and utilising their legal rights. Women’s rights and access to justice are also priorities for us.

What do we do?

We use the law to aid women in a variety of ways.

We’ve included information about our methods, locations, and goals, as well as the ways in which we’re making a difference for women, on these pages.

Legal Compliance

It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a business limited by guarantee registered in the State of New York (No 80309333).

90 Bath Rd Woodale, DL8 8XZ, is where we’re based.

Regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide immigration advice or services.

Reference number N223230