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Privacy Policy

On May 25, 2018, we implemented a new privacy policy.


You may be certain that your personal information will not be shared with any other parties. As outlined in this privacy policy, we explain how DOWR utilizes and protects any personal information or data that you voluntarily provide to us.

The term “personal data” refers to any information that may be used to identify an individual. We will use your personal information only if you give us permission or if we have a genuine purpose in doing so. Please be aware that when you send us an email or use our website to contact us, we may collect your name, email address, postal address, and/or telephone number(s). We may also collect any information you submit to us when you use these methods of communication. The information we gather and store may be accessible by our employees so that we may engage with you more efficiently.

DOWR is committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We take every precaution to protect your personal information when you provide it to us. No online data transmission can be guaranteed to be totally safe. Any transaction you make on our site is done at your own risk, and we cannot guarantee the security of any information you provide to us. Your personal information will be protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure as required by law after we have received it.

Your personal information is safe with us. In the course of maintaining your relationship with us, such as payment processors for contributions, we may disclose your information to third parties.

A clear reason or purposes must be established before DOWR can use or handle your personal data. As long as we need your personal information for that reason or purposes, we will safely erase it after that time. We make it a priority to keep all of our records current.


Our privacy policies are outlined in this section:

Service Users

In order to deliver our services, such as our advice lines and casework services, we may gather your name and contact information, information about your circumstances, and what aid and support you need. As part of our service, we’ll also ask for your comments.

To better serve you and gauge the effectiveness of our services, we rely on the legal basis of our legitimate interests to handle your information.

If we require your permission to send you more information or handle particular information, we’ll make that obvious when you provide the information.

Your personal information will be protected from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, or destruction, and will be maintained in a secure environment.

Supporters and Donors

In order to carry out our mission, DOWR relies on charitable contributions. We gather and handle your name, contact information, and information about your gift and any applicable Gift Aid. In order to protect our right to solicit donations in support of our activities, we must follow the law.

By providing us with your contact information, you agree that we may send you information about our work and fundraising efforts in the manner you specify. Your permission is required for this data collection and communication. Electronic communications can be unsubscribed at any time.

Other people we work with

As part of our training partnership, we will use your name, contact information, and basic information about your business to plan and organize training sessions that are most suitable for you. After the training or education session, we’ll ask for your opinion. Our legitimate interests in training evaluation and improvement need this processing in order to fulfill our contractual obligations to conduct the sessions.

Subscribers to our mailing lists

Please give us with your contact information if you like to be included to one of our mailing lists, such as those for training sessions or legal updates, so that we may communicate with you in the manner you specify. Your permission is required for this data collection and communication. Unsubscribing from electronic messages is completely at your own discretion.

Employees and volunteers

As part of the application and evaluation process, we gather information such as your name, contact information, and experience, as well as references and criminal background information.

As long as you are an employee or volunteer of ours, we will keep and use your personal information for the purposes of running our business. Your employment contract or our legitimate interests in managing our professional relationship and safeguarding those to whom we provide services need this processing.


It is a requirement of the law that DOWNLOAD ORIGIN WOMENS RIGHTS provide certain information only in extraordinary and restricted circumstances. It is possible that DOWR may be legally required to reveal any or all of your personal information to comply with the applicable legislation.

Without your consent, we may be compelled to reveal your information with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, or legal counsel. This is known as “breaching confidentiality.”. Several causes might be at play:

  • The user is providing information on a terrorist attack;
  • If DOWR is ordered by a court to release information;
  • If there is reasonable grounds to believe that an adult’s life is at risk;

A child or young person may be experiencing or at risk of incurring serious harm when there is reasonable grounds to believe that they are in danger.

This information can be used for research, policy work, reporting to donors and government consultations if you give us your permission. You may be certain, however, that we will always anonymise your data if we use it in this way.


We will always warn our visitors if we intend to use their personal information in any manner on this website (for example, by conducting an online poll). As indicated, this information will only be used as stated and will not be shared with any third parties.

Our method of collecting this data is completely anonymous. Those who visit our website do not have their personal information collected in any way.


We gather information about your visit to our website in order to better understand how our supporters interact with it and make necessary enhancements. You cannot be identified by our cookies, and you have complete control over whether or not we use them.

Third Party Cookies

Cookies given by reputable third parties are used in some instances. Third-party cookies may be used on this site, and the following section explains how they work.

Google Analytics cookies

Our website makes use of Google Analytics cookies. They keep track of how many people visit our website and what they do while they’re there.

Anonymous visitor behavior data is stored in Google Analytics. As a result, neither we nor Google have access to or utilize any of your personal information.

For example, Google Analytics gathers information on what sites you visit, how long you spend on the site, and what you click on.

Go to http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout to stop Google Analytics from tracking you across all of your websites.

Social media

Social media buttons and/or plugins are used on this site to connect with your social network in a variety of ways. Facebook and Twitter will set cookies through our site to enhance your profile on their site or add to the data they retain for different objectives indicated in their separate privacy rules, which are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Embedded content

Third-party material appears on our website in small doses. Included here, but by no means limited to, are: It is possible that cookies will be created when you visit a website containing content from one of these sites As a result, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information included in these third-party cookies.


Upon your request, we will provide you with access to the personal information we have on file for you. It is our goal to give accurate information, and if there are any mistakes, please let us know. If you’d like your personal data removed or restricted, you may make that request as well.

To get a copy of the personal information we have about you, please use the contact information provided below.

The link in an email or the contact information below can be used to unsubscribe if you decide you no longer want to receive our information after ‘opting in’ to do so.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues about how we handle your personal information and data. We will do everything we can to address your concerns.

To make use of any of the aforementioned rights, you can reach us at the following address:

90 Bath Road, Woodall, Lancashire, England, DL8 8XZ Email: info@download-origin.com


You should ask for the director’s attention by addressing your letter to him directly.

Amendment of this statement

DOWR retains the right to make changes to this privacy statement as necessary to keep it in line with changing legal requirements. We encourage you to revisit this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with our policy on privacy.

The most recent revision was made on October 9th, 2018.